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Thank you for choosing to add your site to the Britney Spears Portal. We welcome all additions, no matter what the quality of your site. However, we do rate the sites honestly and some times brutally honestly. If you are worried about your site receiving a bad rating, then try and ensure the following:

  • All image thumb-nails should be reduced size images (very small file size), and not simply reduced proportions in the image tag. 
  • All text is easily readable. In other words, don't put white writing on a yellow background, or a strong image behind any text. 
  • Avoid excessive use of frames. In fact, ditch the frames altogether if you can. Frames are evil. 
  • Don't depend on plug-ins. Flash driven sites are not user friendly and are usually slow. 
  • Don't use small writing that will be illegible to users with sight difficulties.
Age Warning

Although we do permit sites that deal with nudity and/or offensive language, we do require that these are labelled correctly with a warning so that our users can choose to avoid the sites.
Links to sub-pages

The Britney Spears Portal is designed to be as useful as possible, and this necessitates linking directly to pages within sites. For example, we may link straight to the first page of an image gallery, rather than linking to the index page of the site. Therefore, don't expect our links to necessarily point to your front page. 
Multiple Submissions

 We are happy to accept multiple submissions from a site. Just find the appropriate categories for your site and submit the direct URL (including the http://) for each section. Note that you must have a reasonably good section devoted to the category. If you don't feel that your site fits into any of the more specific categories, then just use the Fan Sites category.

Our search facility looks at the words in your title and description only. You may, therefore, want to include some keywords when filling in your details.

Please fill out the form completely, and we'll add your resource as soon as possible.

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